Dr. Peter Feleshi von ANAMED hielt im Anschluss an das Permakultur-Training 2011 in Umbwe Onana einen Workshop über Naturheilkunde in den Tropen

ANAMED-Tanzania International Seminar in Mbeya Region 2018

Hereby a cordial invitation to attend a Training Seminar in Natural Medicine to be held at LUTENGANO CENTER of the Moravian church in TUKUYU. MBEYA REGION, TANZANIA,
from Sunday the 5th August (2pm) till Sunday, the 12th August (10am) 2018.

Please reply to: Organizer . Mariette Korda +255 787035688 mariettekorda@gmail.com

Anamed (Action for Natural Medicine) Dr. Pharm. Hans-Martin Hirt, Schafweide 77,71364 Winnenden, Germany. Tel: +49 7195 910225 Email: anamedhmh@yahoo.de
Web: http://www.anamed.net

VENUE : LUTENGANO Centre of the Moravian Church in TUKUYU, MBEYA REGION, TANZANIA. Tukuyu is 70 km from Mbeya City centre. The seminar venue is 7 km from the Tukuyu bus stand.

Transport will be arranged from MAUA GUEST HOUSE, Uzunguni in Mbeya as a meeting point for those from far if communicated before the time. The best would be to arrive on Saturday the 4th of August and overnight in Mbeya so that we can all depart on Sunday the 5th August by 2 pm at the latest . The cost will be Tsh 15,000/person up to the centre. Should you arrive on Saturday, please keep in mind that you have to calculate extra costs for transport, accommodation and meals until your arrival in Lutengano.

HOW TO ARRIVE TO MBEYA AND THEN TO LUTENGANO CENTRE IN TUKUYU : International guests: Take a flight to Dar Es Salaam. Choose a flight that arrives in the morning and/or choose a connecting flight to Mbeya. If you have to stay in Dar Es Salaam overnight, we recommend you to reserve one night in the Transit Motel or FQ motel which is a 5 minute ride from the airport. It is even in walking distance from the airport. You need to book before the time though to ensure a place. See the information below for flights from Dar Es Salaam to Mbeya.

Tanzania : Participants from all over Tanzania can easily come by bus to MBEYA. Please consider that the journey by bus from Dar Es Salaam is lengthy and you may arrive late at night in Mbeya. We would like you to be fresh, rested and on time on Monday morning for the start of the seminar.

Should you plan to arrive at night in Mbeya, please contact us before the time to give you directions. If you arrive on Saturday night accommodation will be arranged for you in Mbeya, at your own cost. It is not recommendable to arrive at the late hours of Sunday for the seminar starting on Monday morning.

When you arrive at Mbeya bus station, contact Regnard Mginah at mobile numbers: +255 767900187 or +255 784900187 or Mariette Korda at +255 787035688 or find you own taxi to MAUA GUEST HOUSE in Uzunguni, Mbeya OR take the bus directly to Tukuyu for Tsh 3500 and then a taxi to Lutengano centre for Tsh 10,000.

At this stage, there are daily flights from Dar es Salaam by FAST JET AIRLINE and AIR TANZANIA in the afternoons. Take a taxi (Tsh 30,000) or a shuttle (Tsh 10,000) from the Songwe Airport, (25 km) to the MAUA GUEST HOUSE. From there the 2 hours of transport
will be arranged to Lutengano Centre. You are also free to make your own way to Lutengano Centre in Tukuyu by bus or taxi.

Please register as soon as possible to anamedhmh@yahoo.de. Places are limited. The cost : For people living in Africa (Africans or expatriates) 250 Euro; for people coming from outside Africa: 500 Euro. This fee includes food and accommodation, tuition, and all materials used during the seminar, which include anamed books, paper and pens, plant material and materials for preparing medicines.

Payment of the fee : If you come yourself, pay on arrival: In Euro, USD or T. Shilling according to the rates. No cheques accepted! For foreigners, or if you sponsor somebody, please pay in advance to:
Name: Hans-Martin Hirt, account/Konto: 7166837, Bank: Kreissparkasse Waiblingen, Germany, BLZ: 60250010, IBAN: DE90 6025 0010 0007 1668 37 Swift/BIC Code: SOLADES1WBN, and mention the name of the participant.

The aims of this training seminar are to train 30 people (Healers, Pastors, Missionaries, Health workers, Teachers, Counselors, and others active in the Community.
a) The recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several medicinal plants in a medicinal garden.
b) The hygienic production of effective Natural Medicines from these plants, e.g. teas, different medicinal oils, ointments and tinctures.
We will also produce different soaps, medicinal charcoal, black stones for snake-bites and learn how to use several simple technologies.
c) The treatments of many medical complaints and diseases, including malaria, skin problems, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS and wounds.
d) The influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health.

Following the seminar , we expect the participants :
a) to create their own garden of medicinal plants,
b) to prepare their own natural medicines,
c) to treat themselves, their families and others within their area of competence, and
d) to teach their families, colleagues and others in their communities.

Tutors : Mariette Korda , Philip Mateja and Regnard Mginah.
Language : English. Translation to Kiswahili.

The following are important aspects of our seminars:
Our emphasis is on working at the grass-roots, encouraging and supporting local people in developing and extending the skills they already have.  We encourage traditional healers and formal health workers such as doctors and nurses to work together. We help them to recognize the positive contribution that each makes, and we encourage them to work out practical ways in which they can cooperate. By introducing Artemisia Annua, enabling healers, pastors, missionaries and health workers to become much more independent and successful in their treatment of malaria.

After the seminar, participants will be able to treat Malaria effectively with medicinal plants, in particular with Artemisia Annua. Each participant will be given seeds or rooted cuttings and be taught how to grow this delicate but extremely valuable plant.

Furthermore, participants will be able to recognize at least 20 other medicinal plants, to produce different soaps, different medicinal oils and ointments, black stones for snake-bites and to use and construct a solar oven, etc

It is important that all participants have a commitment both to practicing what they learn and also to teaching others, for example by conducting a seminar themselves or at least a similar workshop for a weekend on the topic of Natural Medicine.  It must be made clear to all prospective participants that they receive no fees for their attendance.

Transport costs must be met by the participants, their employer or sponsor.  All participants will work together in practical work and in establishing a garden. They must bring suitable clothes with them for such activities.  Participants must attend the entire program to qualify for a certificate; to come only on some days is not acceptable. Those participants who have a bible should bring them. Anamed is a Christian organization. We start every morning with a biblical reflection; each participant is invited to attend.

All participants should bring plant material of about five medicinal plants from their region.  After this seminar, participants will be able to recognize at least 20 medicinal plants, to use and construct a solar oven, to produce different soaps, different medicinal oils and ointments, black stones for snake-bites….and, most important of all, will be able to treat malaria effectively with medicinal plants like Artemisia Annua Anamed. Each participant will be given some seeds and be taught how to grow this delicate plant, to be able to save thousands of lives!

N.B. For those of you coming from far, you may take the opportunity to stay e.g. 2 weeks more, to visit one of the anamed centers in Tanzania, or to visit the hospital of another seminar participant, or to visit a traditional coffee farm and learn how the famous Tanzanian Arabic coffee is produced; go to Ngosi Crater Lake; relax at Matema
Lakeshore Resort, Kyela; Kitulo Plateau National Park and much more – all around Mbeya Region. There is also the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro and much more in the North of Tanzania. Everything on your own cost and responsibility. Decide it during the seminar!
We look forward to hear from you!

With best wishes, yours sincerely,
Peter Feleshi,- Chair Person –anamed Tanzania